"We've got the whole world in our hands"

“A Clarity of Vision”

A Celebration of Life Tribute

Robert S. Chandler

was held on

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stay tuned to watch a DVD from the afternoon long Tribute

held at King Gillette Ranch

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

For a program, contact ruthkilday@aol.com


A Clarity of Vision ~ A Brilliant Career

A Letter from the Chandler Tribute Committee

“His legacy will continue.”

Bob Chandler became our mentor and our friend. He shared his calm nature and his sly wry humor with us. He will forever be in our hearts. For those whose lives he touched in the National Park Service and our partners, his impact will continue in our professional and personal lives. His legacy will continue.

National Park Directors recognized Bob as a unique leader who could handle the challenges of new urban parks in the Santa Monica Mountains and at the Presidio of San Francisco. He was just as innovative in resolving resource problems in traditional parks where he served at Olympic, the Everglades, in the Grand Canyon., and other sites listed.

He enjoyed these challenges. He had an uncanny ability to get things done while engaging with constituents, community groups, and with his staff. All of us will miss him.

Please address your comments to Bob's family and friends. Add your memories, the lessons you learned from him, and photos or memorabilia to share with all of us. Thanks to all of you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Follow your heart, even if you must ask for forgiveness later"

NPS Photo              Grand Canyon NP Interpretive program

Advice given the 
Grand Canyon General Management Plan team
Bob was an incredible mentor to me and to all the Grand Canyon GMP team. He made us feel like we could change the world, move the entire National Park Service in new directions, and make incredible and positive changes to a visitor's experience in Grand Canyon.

One example of Bob's guidance occurred when we were getting ready to do an extensive visitor use survey in Grand Canyon that involved bringing in many surveyors and specialists from all over the country.  We'd sent the forms in for Washington's approval but hadn't received any confirmation by the time the survey was to take place.

I asked Bob what we should do, and I'll always remember him saying,  "You must always follow you heart, even if you have to ask for forgiveness later."  We went forward and talked to hundreds of visitors, which gave us an excellent basis for future solutions.

He continued to give me inspiration and advice over the years. Most recently when I told him I was retiring, he said to "Remember to always give back for as long as you can."

He was a wonderful inspiration to me and to those all around him. I will cherish the guidance he gave me forever.

NPS Photo   Grand Canyon NP wildlife
Ann Moss
Tucson, Arizona

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